Holiday's Are Hard

And so, another set of Holiday music, gift-giving, laughter, food, parties, get togethers and celebration are among us.  Somehow, it feels differently if you are newly-living or still-living WITHOUT your loved one.

In one second, life changed when they quit breathing.

How do we survive such a season full of jingle bells, Christmas songs and loud joy when the hole in our heart is still gaping and so painful? 

Your life has changed. So here aresome holiday tips that might help you with the pain of missing.  Try one!

  1. Lean In to the pain.  Set your timer and feel as miserable as you can for 5 minutes.  Your heart will appreciate this schedule to allow it to beat in agony while missing your loved one. 
  2. Sit in a piece of furniture you love.  Remember your loved one and relate a story to yourself about them.  Maybe someone you know would like to hear this story.
  3. Give yourself permission to not sing, not buy gifts, and not give treats to neighbors.
  4. Turn off your technological devices for 24 hours.  Just be.
  5. Do not answer the doorbell if you don’t feel like it.
  6. In your mailbox leave  a treat for the postal worker with "THANK YOU" taped to it.
  7. Write a short note to someone:

Dear _______________,

Thank you for being an angel in my life when I really needed one.