Another Valentine's Day Over

So you made it through January (sometimes possibly the longest, loneliest and dreariest month of the year).  Valentine's Day came and went, and still you are missing your beloved.  You are going to miss them.  It means you love them.  So..... my tip for the aftermath of Valentine's Day since living with the loss of your LOVE:

  •  Draw and cut out a heart. Fold it to fit inside an envelope and on it write: Thinking of You, Thanks for being a good friend or Thanks for listening. Sign your name and mail it.

Short and simple:  Could just grab a piece of paper, a handy notecard, colored art paper, a napkin, or the blank side of wrapping paper works too.

  •   Do the same as above and write a note to  your loved one.  Put it in a special place to remind you:  Love Never Ends.

Continue to take each day as it comes and gather courage to face the moments alone.  You are exploring a new normal.