EveryDayGrief's Story

EveryDayGrief offers unique ideas to provide support and concern when life's days are challenging. From books, greeting cards, Care Baskets, mugs and coloring books, send someone you care about Kindness they can keep. All items are non-perishable. Death, Divorce, Empty Nest, Unemployment, Miscarriage, Moving, Bankruptcy, Relationship Breakup, and many other life happenings could use a comforting gift from a very thoughtful person.

EveryDayGrief started as a support system for those coping with grief and loss. In addition to keepsake items, the company offers raining materials for professionals and grief-related curriculum development for all educational settings, including Colleges and Universities. The company’s Founder, Karen O. Johnson has brought a unique approach to Grief for more than 37 years and specializes in delivering inspiring and authentic keynote addresses at meetings and conferences for companies and other organizations across the country. Her Grief philosophy of ‘Living Life Counts’ is truly original and one that you’ve never seen before. 

About EveryDayGrief’s Founder - Karen O. Johnson

A talented author, speaker, counselor, educator, former school principal, and founder of EveryDayGrief, Karen O. Johnson has motivated and inspired audiences since 1987 with her endearing speaking style and practical strategies for managing grief. Her book, Griefabet: EverydayGrief Letters to Wrap Around Your Heart, uses the alphabet to guide readers from A to Z along their personal grief journey.

Karen’s keynote speaking talents are ideal for business and educational trainings as well as counseling association conferences.

EveryDayGrief recognizes that life is a rollercoaster of sadness and joy.  Our thoughtful products are Memory Makers!